MovieSite: Changes to the way we collect information

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For some time all new online forms we’ve created and MovieSite itself have used SSL to encrypt transmit information over the internet. SSL was traditionally used by banking and commerce websites, but is used by many other sites as a way of protecting personal information as it is transmitted over the internet. Most browsers show SSL to be enabled by a padlock next to the web address and will usually show https:// in front of the URL.

A few online forms still exist for some clients that collect information without using SSL. The new data protection regulations prohibit this, and therefore we will be making all forms SSL enabled over the next few weeks. Sometimes we have been unable to use SSL because our client’s website has not been SSL enabled, and we can’t mix a secure form with an insecure website. In these instances we will provide, at no charge, a standard, secure, branded theme to use on these forms.

Where we provide our client’s website too, this will also become SSL enabled if not already done.

If you have any questions, please contact the support team.