Local authorities explained

Openbrolly has 25 years experience of working with all types of public bodies. National agencies, regional agencies and local/provincial governments. Sometimes it’s not easy but we help clients provide a great service however they are.  English counties explained Did we say it can be complicated 😁? So what do local authorities do? Local authorities all… Continue reading Local authorities explained

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Budgetary pressure on the public sector – How can film and TV help?

Local, regional and national government funding has been under immense pressure during the first quarter of 2022.  As a result, Film and TV may not have been at the top of their priority list during this time – as various hard choices have to be made. Although it is clear that Film and TV is… Continue reading Budgetary pressure on the public sector – How can film and TV help?

2021 Reflections

Industry reflections on 2021 Congratulations everyone on getting through the year.  2021 was meant to have been easier than 2020, with Covid easing and restrictions lifting. Unfortunately, this was not the case. The covid pandemic followed by the ping-pandemic forced us all to think creatively and find new, innovative methods of doing business. Fortunately, the… Continue reading 2021 Reflections

What is a Location Manager?

And what does their job entail? Author: Kaitlyn Hogg One of the most crucial jobs within the filming industry is the job of a location manager. The location manager is in charge of researching, securing and providing productions with locations to film. Not only do location managers take charge of finding the locations, they are… Continue reading What is a Location Manager?

Improving your email security.

Written by Kaitlyn Hogg Using email communications has been a major factor in work communications since 1971 – making it the first form of communication provided alongside the internet. The very omnipresence that is email, has been attracting various criminal activities these could include; disguising themselves as a trust able brand name, then including malware… Continue reading Improving your email security.

5 Funding and Support Sources for film makers in the UK

Author: Kaitlyn Hogg Background Financing can be argued as one of the most important parts of a film project, the production team needs funding to enable the entirety of the filmmaking process.  Funding a film can be as hard as making the film, but there are financing opportunities out there. These range from the smaller… Continue reading 5 Funding and Support Sources for film makers in the UK

Phishing, and how to identify it?

Image by pickawood on unsplash Written by kaitlyn Hogg Phishing is a term used to describe attempts made to obtain and use personal information through the disguise of a reputable organisation. Phishing emails are well thought out emails that are created to resemble harmless company emails. Many phishing emails tend to use well known official… Continue reading Phishing, and how to identify it?

Staying safe online

Image by FLY on Unsplash Written by Kaitlyn Hogg With six out of ten people spending their time online for over eight hours a day, we are far more vulnerable to online crimes, no matter age or status. However, with the rise of hours spent online per year, there has been a clear increase in… Continue reading Staying safe online

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