Welcome to Openbrolly

At Openbrolly, we believe you can drive economic development, growth and productivity with the use of innovative digital technologies.

We help our clients from around the world in the film and TV industry, and in UK health, to maximise their potential. We empower them to achieve their true potential and deliver great service to their customers.

We began our journey in 2000 and continue our mission to improve services by using digital technology. Our team is passionate about making your life easier. We work hard to get every detail right and provide the support you need every step of the way.


Created to support film offices, local authorities and the TV and film production industry. MovieSite covers everything needed to support productions in an area; options include filming applications and permits, location database, contacts and crew, film funding, impact tracking and invoicing. Read more


Digital Health

Safely supporting the introduction of digital patient-controlled care. Working with the NHS and leading UK health charities to build their vision. We deliver innovative and practical service solutions and have won awards for doing so. Read more

“openbrolly ROC has enabled us to follow up face-to-face consultations with materials and ongoing support, using our existing resources more effectively”