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MovieSite offers a complete CRM-in-the-cloud service for film offices and production teams. 
And it's also modular, so you can start with what's most important and upgrade if you need more functionality.
  • Market and manage locations
  • Issue permits
  • Build a crew & facilities database for your area
All through one, easy-to-use web application.
If you're involved in promoting economic growth, sector growth and industry development it's our aim to deliver operational, economic, social and community gains for our clients.
We have decades of experience working in and with government, not-for-profit and private organisations, delivering positive impacts and value.
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Make production happen,
with MovieSite

Market & manage locations, issue permits and build a crew & facilities database for your area, all through one, easy to use web application.

The leading cloud package that brings productions to life

MovieSite enables location and crew production, economic impact monitoring and tracking, and the issuing and approving of permits through easy admin.

It's designed alongside screen agencies and film offices to ensure you can offer the very best online and self-service support to the industry at industry standards.

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All MovieSite modules are Covid-19 ready. Following guidelines form the UK government, the British Film Commission, PACT/UK broadcasters and the advertising producers association.

A full suite of modules to help you achieve your true potential

Your knowledge, experience and quality is your true value. The industry is quality, fast paced and personable, so using time and cost saving tools and solutions is a must. Our products help you maximise your return on investment whilst offering recognised industry standards and best practices.

Choose from our individual modules to create your perfect package.Β From Locations to Crew, or Production tracking to Filming applications, MovieSite has it all.

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Represent and promote limitless locations suitable for filming in your area, whilst maintaining full ownership of your data and images.
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Access anywhere, from anything

Make sure your database can be seen on any device

A state of the art, self service locations database & enquiry form with Film Office branding and key information
Location management system based on industry standards
Simple shopping basket/cart function to hold locations enquirer is interested in
PDF print out of 'favourite' lists
Integral mapping to help manage and support enquiry website users
Locations enquires sent by email to office
Optional dynamic watermarking of logos on images
Location brochures that can be tailored to enquiries that require staff involvement
Location presenter. Real-time, unique web page to show locations to clients
Direct marketing to location manager and owners
Ability to work with partners, allowing them to add their own locations
Self registration by location owners and location managers
"MovieSite provide a friendly and responsive service. The products are tailored to our needs and we'd be lost without them!"
Bath Film Office

Crew and facilities

Reach out to crew, facilities & production companies.Β 
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Build Capacity
Make your production base easily available to productions working in the area with an up to date database of crew & companies skills, experience and credits.
Promotion to production companies
  • An online database that follows industry standards
  • Available in all media - digital & printed
  • High functionality super user search options
Engage with crew & companies
  • Improved communication channels with sector
  • Interactive crew finding service, with adjustable geographical reach for freelancers
  • In-built & flexible email tools to allow you to engage easily with crew & companies
  • Optional SMS
Comprehensive crew & company database
  • Working history of crew & businesses
  • Up to date and regular reporting on sustainability, diversity and recruitment gains
  • Skills & experience

Minimal effort
  • Low resource, the crew & companies register and maintain their own information
  • The film office is in control
  • Unlimited access to our online community & Helpdesk, ensuring a high standard of service


Manage filming applications & permits in your own or nearby areas with partners.
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Invoice for permits with ease
Built-in invoicing ensures faster payments and makes life easier for you and your applicant
Multi-area/council permit applications with single log on for productions
Communications & notifications with stakeholders involved with permitting in your area
Simple shopping basket/cart function for productions
Calendar integration for your organisation so you can have complete oversight
Streamlined & efficient approval with audit trail of documentation
Go-to place for productions to keep their application & production history
Key reporting on sustainability, local business activity & crew employment
Contact management to build stronger relationships with productions
Built-in credit card payment to make life easier for productions

MovieSite Permits allows for filming applications & permit issuing for both the smallest & largest office

As with all MovieSite modules, you only need to use what you need

Production tracking

Easily monitor and track production economics and activity. Stay in control of the figures and report to your stakeholders.
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Powerful relationship management
For your work with the film and TV industry
Purpose built for film offices

MovieSite Production Tracking has been developed over 15 years to meet the needs of film offices. It constantly keeps pace with changes in technology.


MovieSite uses industry standard reports that are widely tied to explain the work of the film office. It can report both time and geography.

Economic impact measurement

Production Tracking allows for gathering & reporting on the data that is important for your film office. It can gather this automatically from enquiries. It can calculate spend and activity automatically.

We work actively to implement time saving tools such as standardised average spend calculations back by Creative England and the Production Guild.

Powerful relationship tools

MovieSite allows you to easily track and manage both a production interaction & the contacts around it. It then keeps a detailed record of these productions &Β relationships to allow other colleagues to quickly pick up what has taken place & what needs to be done.


MovieSite can be extended to include filming applications & permits, including payments.

Great overview

Because all MovieSite modules can be linked, the tracking can include previous production, people, locations & companies.

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Collaboration is a central concept in our work; it runs throughout our services and their processes.

To deliver a great service we work collaboratively with all our clients.Β 

Bringing industries together. Gain access to our unique community with any MovieSite module.

Benefit from peer support, industry chat and first look at MovieSite news and updates.

The very best security

We are focused on providing continual professional development internally to ensure our team and systems are achieving the highest quality standards possible.

Quality is assured by working with industry groups to establish best practice and reporting arrangements. Whilst, continuous development allows us to respond to environmental and civil changes including Covid, diversity and inclusion.

We use multiple levels of data security & regularly carry out penetration testing. We're proud to be in compliance with GDPR law.

Our reporting and data visibility allows for audit trails to enable accountability and our management of your data allows you to meet EU And UK GDPR requirements and makes use of the Amazon AWS cloud to deliver services to the highest standard.

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Why Invest in Film?

The UK film industry is up to two times more profitable than Hollywood. The country has gained the title of the third-largest consumer market for film and TV in the world. Breaking free of the Hollywood monopoly, the UK film industry is uniquely capable of filling a niche, that audiences are increasingly eager for.

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