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Available 1 Nov – Episode 2: Ian Silverstein and Sarah Tiplady, Silverstein Locations

Ep2: Silverstein

Ian built his dream home at St Alban’s and rented it out as a film location, totalling 30 shoots in the first year. This is became the catalyst for Silverstein Locations. In this episode, Ian and Sarah talk about the importance of relationships, creating a brokerage as a USP, and how he had call 40 dentists before finding the perfect location for a toothpast ad.

Episode 1: Mark Foris, Espire Film Production

Ep1: Mark Foris

Mark is a producer at Espire Film Production in Kingston-upon-Thames. In this interview, we hear Mark explain why he’d rather set fire to himself than appear in front of a camera, how collaboration is key to everything he does, and he recalls the time he found himself heading for the train in his pyjamas!

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  • Daniel Johnson from Dan Johnson Films
  • Meet the team at Openbrolly
  • Meeting the Makers at FOCUS 2023

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