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Welcome to MovieSite – Your Ultimate Solution for Film Location Management. Discover how our flexible Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system revolutionises management in all departments of film production offices
MovieSite enables location and crew production, economic impact monitoring and tracking, and, the issuing and approving of permits through easy admin.
Being designed alongside screen agencies and film offices ensures an offering of the very best online and
self-service support to the industry, at industry standards.

A full suite of modules to help you achieve your true potential

Your knowledge, experience, and, quality are your true value. The industry is quality, fast-paced, and, personable, so using time and cost-saving tools and solutions is a must. Our products help you maximise your return on investment whilst offering recognised industry standards and best practices.

Choose from our individual modules to create your perfect package. From Locations to Crew, or Production tracking to Filming applications, MovieSite has it all.

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Collaboration is a central concept in our work.

To deliver a great service we work collaboratively with all our clients.

We bring industries together.
Gain access to our unique community with any MovieSite module.

Benefit from peer support, industry chat, and, first look at MovieSite news and updates.

The very best security

We are focused on providing continual professional development internally to ensure our team and systems are achieving the highest quality standards possible.

Quality is assured by working with industry groups to establish best practices and reporting arrangements. Whilst, continuous development allows us to respond to environmental and civil changes including Covid, diversity, and, inclusion.

We use multiple levels of data security & regularly carry out penetration testing. We’re proud to comply with GDPR law.

Our reporting and data visibility allows for audit trails to enable accountability and our management of your data allows you to meet EU And UK GDPR requirements and makes use of the Amazon AWS cloud to deliver services to the highest standard.

Why Invest in Film?

The UK film industry is up to two times more profitable than Hollywood. The country has gained the title of the third-largest consumer market for film and TV in the world. Breaking free of the Hollywood monopoly, the UK film industry is uniquely capable of filling a niche, that audiences are increasingly eager for.

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