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MovieSite is a flexible, modular CRM for film location offices that revolutionises management in all departments.
It works seamlessly with your production, crew, location and integrates invoicing, licensing and permissions.
Now with version2, MovieSite becomes even more dynamic, leaving you to focus on the good stuff.
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For the Love of Film

Introducing MovieSite, our simple-to-use cloud-based solution for promoting locations and crew.

In addition to handling customer relations, reporting economic impact, issuing permits, and approving them, it saves time in managing a film office.

Sometimes it isn't possible to keep using the same techniques as you grow. Everything changes with scale!

You can count on Openbrolly, we are a service that grows with you, so you only have to pay for what you need, when you need it, and with no hidden fees.

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Powerful Alone, Exceptional Together.

Access a full suite of services or choose the right solution for your needs.

MovieSite grows with you so whether it's just a location gallery you need or the ability to issue permits and collect expenditure spend you only pay for what you need.

Plus, with every purchase you get free unlimited access to the OB community and a contacts database.


Represent and promote limitless locations suitable for filming in your area, whilst maintaining full ownership of your data and images.
Popular Features
  • Personalised location database
  • Dedicated registration form for location owners
  • Streamlined enquiry process
  • Real-time presentation & web brochures
  • Option to copyright and watermark images
  • Up to date and relevant Covid-19 guidelines available.
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Manage filming applications & permits in your own or nearby areas with partners, saving time with ease.
Popular Features
  • Effective communication process between all stakeholders
  • Built-in invoicing & online payments
  • Complete audit trail of documentation
  • In-depth reports for monitoring and tracking inward investments and economic spend
  • Additional Covid-19 supervisor elements
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Crew & Facilities

Reach out to crew, facilities & production companies. Enable productions to build capacity with an extensive crew database.
Popular Features
  • Comprehensive crew facilities & company database
  • Flexible tools to enhance connections with crew facilities & companies
  • Optional upload of Covid-19 training elements
  • Optional SMS
  • Crew call function also available
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Production Tracking

Easily monitor and track production economics and activity. Stay in control of the figures and report to your stakeholders.

Popular Features
  • Purpose-built for film offices
  • Reporting

  • Economic impact measurement
  • Powerful relationship tools

  • Audit trail and complete overview
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MovieSite Local

Unite your districts and make production happen.

Our new tiered local system allows national and country hubs to connect with smaller film offices/local authorities in their jurisdictions.

MovieSite local allows you to provide a comprehensive service to manage locations, crew, permits and reporting in standardised approach with your across partners

Popular Features
  • Avoids double entry
  • Provides a consistent, standardised approach across partners
  • Improves the user experience
  • Increases efficiency
  • Builds powerful relationships
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At the heart of events

EventsMakr allows for event applications and permit issuing for both the smallest and largest office.

Our powerful cloud-based system streamlines every step of the application process for the user, applicant and external stakeholders. With realtime updates on any device.

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No more duplication for applicants. EventsMakr disseminates information to the relevant sectors from just one form.
Automatically calculates and streamlines medical provisions.
Streamlined and efficient approval with audit trail of documentation and communication.
Access to the Openbrolly community where you can find information, training and peer support.
At Openbrolly, we have a diverse and dedicated team. We thrive on collaborating with our clients and one another to drive innovative software solutions that exceed expectations.
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